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Prosthodontic Treatment in Gurgaon

Prosthodontist in Gurgaon, Prosthodontic Treatment in Gurgaon

Reaching Prosthodontist in Gurgaon for Successful Teeth Replacement

Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals in designing and fitting of synthetic teeth replacements. The prosthodontic treatment in Gurgaon involves diagnosing the dental issue of the patient and then uses the appropriate treatment to fix it. When it comes to the role of prosthodontists, they are specialized in treating dental and various facial problems.

At our clinic in Gurgaon, we have prosthodontist who has experience of decades in the respective field and has performed a number of dental surgeries successfully until date. He is highly trained in carrying out dental implant surgery, crowns, dentures and bridges. This simply means that you can visit us at any hour to get the right prosthodontic treatment done.

Prosthodontic Treatments in Gurgaon by Dr Vijay Pratap Singh

Dental treatments offered by prosthodontist in Gurgaon

• Restoring damaged teeth- A prosthodontist can help you in fixing the damage done to the teeth due to various causes including caries, teeth grinding, trauma and exposure to acid etc. Prosthodontists treat such conditions through fillings, porcelain veneers that are bonded to the teeth to level them; dental crowns to improve the broken or cracked tooth and perform other treatment procedures according to the dental complexity of the patient.

• Dental implants- This procedure is highly helpful for the people whose teeth have damaged or are lost due to various reasons such as accident, old age etc. The prosthodontic treatment in Gurgaon will give you a feeling of having your teeth again. This teeth replacement technology has become popular, as it has benefitted thousands of patients. Once you have reached us, we will perform the implant with perfection without causing you any troubles

• Missing teeth replacement- If you have a missing tooth or teeth then you can go for this treatment. Some of the procedures carried out in this treatment include dental bridging that helps to bridge the gap left by the lost teeth and full dentures for the ones who have lost all their teeth. We also provide removable partial dentures and ensure that our custom-made prosthesis is absolutely comfortable to the patients.


Why approach prosthodontist doctor in Gurgaon?

It is important to reach a prosthodontist rather than a general dentist if you are having complex medical histories. General dentists are able to carry out one or few dental implants but only a veteran prosthodontist is proficient in handling different tooth replacement cases. Our prosthodontist is a qualified specialist with extensive training of various situations including patients with several missing teeth and the ones who have lost their front teeth.

We also help patients who have challenging esthetic issues and the situations where teeth of the patients cannot be saved. At our clinic, you will get the most appropriate prosthodontic treatment for your specific dental condition.


Prosthodontic Treatment in Gurgaon – at a Glance

  • Prosthodontic treatments are designed to produce a balance between functionality, longevity and esthetics.
  • Prosthodontists specialize in the restoration of oral function by creating prostheses and restorations (i.e., complete dentures, crowns, implant retained/supported restorations). Cosmetic dentistry, implants and joint problems all fall under the field of prosthodontics
  • It is the most widespread aspect of dentistry.
  • A crown is used to cap or completely cover a tooth
  • The advantage of crowning a tooth is that crowns provide much more protection against future fracture or recurrent decay.
  • There can be many reasons for opting a crown placement:
  • • After root canal therapy is performed, a tooth becomes extremely brittle and is significantly weaker than its vital neighbors. Hence to preserve its functional integrity it should be covered with a CROWN (CAP).

About the team of Prosthodontist in Gurgaon

With this, you must also know that our prosthodontist doctor in Gurgaon will handpick the most qualified specialists when needed for a surgery. The team will together determine the most appropriate way out to save the natural teeth and will perform bone grafting, if it’s needed. Yes, they will first explain you the entire procedure of the surgery and will make you aware of its results. You will be kept informed and well-aware of how treatment will go, as we aim at guiding the patients to the fullest.

Therefore, you should not wait any further and live with the embarrassment of lost teeth. Just approach the prosthodontist in Gurgaon and rest all your dental worries on us. We ensure to provide you the best and the most effective dental treatment packages at the most competitive prices. We care to make you smile!

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