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Periodontal Treatment Gurgaon

Periodontal Treatment in Gurgaon, Cleaning and polishing of teeth

Deep Cleaning of Tooth, Scaling and Root Planing of Teeth

Are you experiencing problems with your tooth cleaning



Partially erupted or malaligned wisdom teeth give rise to pain , swelling and inflammation in the surrounding region, the condition is called PERICORONITIS. It is successfully managed at our clinic by irrigation and curettage called OPERCULECTOMY , using electrocautery. The procedure is painless and takes a few seconds. During the process the flap is removed without any bleeding on any incision.


Sometimes the length of the crown (the part of tooth which is seen in the mouth) needs to be increasedto improve the appearance or it may be a part of the treatment plan. The procedure is completed in a few seconds using electrocautery and is virtually painless.


Electrocautery provides solution to the problem of “Gummy Smile”, “Spongy” or “Overgrown Gums”.


It is important to keep your teeth clean & healthy. Visit your dentist for a routine checkup & preventive care regularly. The health of your teeth can affect the other organs in your body as well as quality of life. We at Modern Dental Centre provide you the best dental & preventive care treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Gurgaon : Modern Dental Centre- Dental Clinic Gurgaon

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+91- 9810174150

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